Achieve Facial Harmony and a Sharper, Stronger Look to the Jawline

A small chin can often create the appearance of a larger nose, a weaker jawline, or a more prominent overbite. Chin augmentation with a medical grade implant can help restore balance to the facial profile. This procedure may be done in combination with a rhinoplasty (nose reshaping surgery), facelift or alone.

Is a chin augmentation right for you?

If you have a weak or recessed chin, and it causes the rest of your facial features to appear out of balance, you may benefit from a chin augmentation.

What to Expect?

After a thorough facial analysis to determine the degree of augmentation needed, Dr. Hu discusses your personal preferences in the shape, width and amount of projection desired. The process of selecting the right chin implant requires close communication with you and the surgeon. Implant sizers are used to help visualize the result of augmentation to ensure the right implant is chosen. Placement of a chin implant is typically performed through a small incision hidden underneath and behind the chin. The procedure takes about one hour to complete. A pressure garment is typically worn for a few days to help with swelling. After a week, sutures are removed. You are released to return to work at that time with a few lifting restrictions for an additional week.

A chin implant can also be combined with other facial surgeries. Rhinoplasty is often performed at the same time as both procedures can effectively create balance in your profile. A facelift or neck lift is also an opportune time for chin augmentation as the same incision use utilized for both procedures.

What are the side effects and downtime for a chin augmentation?

    • Most patients experience minor swelling, redness in the region of the chin for a few days. Pain is typically minimal. Mild bruising may occur around the incision. A pressure dressing is typically worn for 48 hours. After 7 days, you may return to work. Strenuous exercise may be resumed after two weeks.
    • Contraindications to chin augmentation may include prior radiation, autoimmune disorders, active skin infection, history of keloid/hypertrophic scar formation.

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