Chin Fullness / Double Chin

Kybella was FDA approved in 2015 and is used to permanently treat the under chin fatty deposit. It is also used to sculpt the area of the chin, jaw, and neck. Because the rupture of fat cells is permanent, results are typically long lasting and future re-treatment is not typically needed.

Genetics often dictates the presence of a fatty deposit under the chin. This can be quite bothersome for people who are otherwise thin, making them feel that weight loss, eating right and exercise are all for naught.

Kybella is ideal for people with hereditary forms of submental fullness or “double chin”. This fatty pocket typically does not respond to weight loss.

What to Expect?

Kybella is an injectable drug composed of deoxycholic acid which is a naturally occurring acid. The drug causes lysis (rupture) of fat cells where it is injected that is eventually reabsorbed into the body.

During treatment, several small deposits are made under the skin into the fatty deposit. The region under the chin is typically not as complexly innervated as the face, and injections are typically well tolerated without topical anesthesia.

It typically takes 2 to 4 treatments to obtain the final desired result. Treatment sessions are spaced out at least one month apart.

What are the side effects and downtime for Kybella?

    • There may be moderate to significant swelling that peaks at 3-4 days following the procedure. This swelling and rupture of fat cells can cause some mild discomfort, firmness, tightness & redness in the neck region on these days. Sometimes, over the counter pain medications such as tylenol and ibuprofen may be used.
    • Bruising may also occur as with any needle insertion. Ways to avoid more bruising than typical would be to avoid aspirin 10 days prior to the procedure, icing, keeping your head elevated, and using Arnica – an herbal supplement shown to help resolve swelling and bruising.

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