Global Soft Tissue Loss

As we age, there is a natural loss of fat, muscle and thinning of skin. Bone resorption occurs around the eyes, the cheek and jaw bone. These changes contribute to the hollow look that occurs with aging around the eyes, temples, mouth, and jawline. Other factors such as genetics and low body mass index may contribute to more extensive volume loss in the face. Sculptra is a filler composed of poly-l-lactic acid. It is different from other fillers in that it not only acts as a filler, but also stimulates collagen production, growth and restores volume to the face. Because Sculptra has a gradual onset over several weeks, the volume restoration can appear very natural. It is typically used along the frame of the face to restore volume along the temples, jawline, and lower half of the face.

Scultpra treats: Hollow Temples, Global Volume Loss of the Face, Deficient Cheeks, Mild Jowling and Nasolabial Creases

What to Expect?

After a full facial analysis, the areas of concern are marked out with a pencil. Sculptra is typically used in the cheek, midface, temples, and jaw region. Topical numbing cream is applied. Sculptra is strategically placed in areas of volume depletion.

The initial swelling and fluid from the injections resolve in 1-2 weeks. From there, it takes an average of 6 weeks for the collagen to grow and take full effect. Because results are not immediate, treatment is typically divided into 2-3 sessions to gradually build back volume to achieve an optimized end result. Clinical studies have shown that Sculptra lasts 5-7 years.

What are the side effects and downtime for Sculptra?

    • There may be some swelling and potentially mild soreness in the region where Sculptra is placed for the first 2-3 days.
    • Bruising may occur with any needle insertion. Ways to avoid more bruising than typical would be to avoid aspirin 10 days prior to the procedure, icing, keeping your head elevated, and using Arnica – an herbal supplement shown to help resolve swelling and bruising.
    • You will be instructed on facial massage to help keep the Sculptra in the properly distributed regions for the first 5 days.

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