Facial Reconstruction

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Facial Deformity & Defects

The goal of reconstructive surgery is to restore function to the area affected and to provide as natural an appearance as possible. Examples of situations requiring reconstructive surgery include congenital defects such as facial birthmarks, nasal fractures, facial trauma, burns, poor outcomes from prior surgery, and skin cancer. All the same concepts of facial anatomy and cosmetic surgery are also applied to reconstructive surgery.

Facial Reconstruction Surgery can also treat Repair of facial fractures, Closure of skin cancer defects, Scar Revision, and Removal of skin lesions.

What is the Recovery Time?

Recovering from facial reconstruction surgery varies from person to person, and depends on the extent of underlying damage, your general health, and other factors, including careful attention to postoperative instructions.

What is Skin Cancer Reconstruction?

Skin cancer develops from a history of extensive sun exposure. Treatment of skin cancer often involves surgical excision. Mohs is a process of skin cancer excision performed by a dermatologist in the clinic that essentially preserves more tissue than traditional “frozen” sections in the operating room. Following excision and clearance of margins, either through Mohs or traditional “frozen” specimens, the subsequent defect may require reconstructive closure. When skin cancer occurs on the nose, close to the eyes or mouth, reconstruction should take into consideration the specific anatomy and function of these regions. The repair of skin cancer defects involves a number of techniques ranging from skin grafts and rotational flaps to ear cartilage and free flaps. The purpose of reconstructive surgery following skin cancer excision is to restore function to the affected area and to provide as natural an appearance as possible.

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